Budget for Iceland | 5 Affordable Ways To Save Money

Is Iceland expensive? That’s the most common question I get asked all the time. Yes it is expensive, but it doesn’t mean you can’t budget while visiting this beautiful country. In my experience, it was very hard at first but once you get into the routine and be aware on what you spend, then you’ll be fine.


Here’s Five Affordable Ways To Budget In Iceland

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Afternoon Tea At K+K Hotel George – £11pp | REVIEW [£]

A boutique hotel with an award winning garden located in the heart of Kensington.
To appreciate it’s stunning English architecture and it’s peaceful surrounding, my friends and I decided to have afternoon tea at the K+K Hotel George. Thanks to Groupon you can get 28-29% off so you can either take a loved one or a group of friends. Check out the deal here.

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Somerset House Terrace | Cocktails By The Riverside

The River Terrace Cafe presented by Peroni Ambra is only available until the end of September 2018. If you’re looking for a chill out afternoon inside a beautifully decorated terrace with a couple of friends or family head down at Somerset House near the riverside spot.

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Why Was Vienna’s Chocolate Cake An Accident?

Have you ever considered some of the foods you love were made accidental? We’ve all heard some of the most bizarre food inventions that made us laugh or entertained, however when it comes to impressing a Prince it’s either a life or death situation (Okay I joke, it wasn’t that serious). This was how the famous Sachertorte was born and how it became a traditional icon in Vienna (and across the globe).


Let’s Look At Vienna’s Famous Accidental Chocolate Cake…

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Ratskeller [REVIEW £££]

Have you ever tried a traditional Bavarian cuisine? It’s a must do if you’re in Munich or anywhere on the southeastern German border. It’s hard to pick a restaurant, but I hope this one in particular sounds like a feast to remember. Ratskeller is based in a large cellar dating to the 19th century (1874 was the official date the restaurant opened). If you’re looking for a quiet meal that is not over your budget and love the historic decor this place is for you.

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