Hello! ♡

I’m Sarah, a travel and food enthusiast born in Merry-Old London. I’m just your average girl in a 9-5 office job, but also a person who contemplates where her next adventure will be.

Exploring new destinations and seeking the highest quality foods has always been my continuous passion of mine while giving some tips and stories along the way. I couldn’t do all this without my partner in crime (Liam Galang) and my trusted Canon.

Even though this blog is small.. I appreciate those who took time to review it. Happy Adventuring!

My Favourite Travel Highlights …

+ Hiked Mount Sinai while braving heavy winds on a 2,285 m mountain wearing converses (slaps forehead).

+ Stayed on top of Mount Etna located in an old medieval town where the best wine is made from the volcanic ashes.

+ Toured the Scottish Highlands but was left disappointed that I couldn’t tick one of my bucket list while I was there – visit the highland cows.

+ Scuba Dived in Boracay at age 15.

Little Facts About Me …

+ I have trypophobia.

+ I was born and raised in London but I’ve also been brought up in the Philippines.

+ I believe in deism.

+ My favourite cuisine is Japanese and my favourite food is sashami.

+ I love conspiracy theories and watching paranormal/serial killer documentaries. My favourite topic is Jack the Ripper.

+ I don’t believe in ghosts but I do believe in spirits (I found out there is a difference).

+ My favourite places to shop are Yesstyle and Debenhams.

+ My favourite movies are Lord of the Rings and Sleepy Hallow.

+ I’ve graduated with a BA Hons Design degree but I currently work in Finance.

+ I’m very girly with a tomboy attitude.

+ My favourite music band is Gorillaz.

+ I have dyslexia.

+ In my past time I love travelling to London either for events or randomly taking photos with my canon. When I’m at home I love to play video games on my PS4. My favourite games are; Skyrim, Horizon Zero Dawn, Tomb Raider, Uncharted and Dishonoured.

+ I wasn’t always a passionate person especially travelling. In 2011 I met the love of my life and since then I opened up to new adventures.