Ratskeller [REVIEW £££]

Ratskeller [REVIEW £££]

Have you ever tried a traditional Bavarian cuisine? It’s a must do if you’re in Munich or anywhere on the southeastern German border. It’s hard to pick a restaurant, but I hope this one in particular sounds like a feast to remember. Ratskeller is based in a large cellar dating to the 19th century (1874 was the official date the restaurant opened). If you’re looking for a quiet meal that is not over your budget and love the historic decor this place is for you.

Salted pretzels served if you wish to take them (€1.50 each).

Ratskeller’s Menu has a variety of popular Bavarian dishes. I quite like how their starter towers are presented what they serve for afternoon tea in England.

We came around 6:00pm. If you’re lucky you don’t need any reservation unless of course you’re in a big group. We ordered the German Potato Pancakes for starters and Lammhaxl & Grillwurst Schmankerl for our main course. This in total cost €48 (£42/$57) including a beer and cherry blossom tonic gin.

Lammhaxl = Braised lamb shank with cilantro cumin sauce, red spinach, grilled bellpepper and chickpeas (and white rice as a side dish) (€20.50).

The meat from my lamb shank fell off the bone. I couldn’t resist picking it up and devouring it like a caveman, but I had to remind myself that I’m in a public restaurant. The chickpea sauce contemplated with the rice dish so I was quite glad I didn’t eat the sauce by itself. However the dish did not have much spinach or garnish as the menu photo depicted, so I was quite disappointed about that.

Grillwurst Schmankerl = Nuremberg-style, Skinless Veal, Smoked Beef-Beerknackbratwurst, Schnaps, Grilled Bacon, Souerkraut and Mashed Potatoes (€19.00).

The variety of sausages on the other plate gave a combination of sweet and savoury which was surprising coming from just sausages. It was beautifully seasoned and the mash potato had a buttery texture which melted in your mouth. The presentation could be improved but I rather choose good food instead.

Unfortunately we didn’t get dessert as we were too full, but the Dessert Variation (Apple Strudels, Apple Fritters, Black Forest Cake, Chocolate Mousse, Walnut Icecream, Fruit Salad) sounded like a real treat and it was only €25.


PRICE : 4/5

OVERALL : 4.5/5


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