Why You Need To Visit Freetown Christiania

Why You Need To Visit Freetown Christiania

A colleague of mine told me if you’re going to visit Copenhagen you must also visit Christiania. Of course I questioned her. What’s so intriguing about this place? In her own words she said “It’s a land where people are independent of the Danish government and live in their own rules”. Now this is the part which got me thinking. A place inhabited by its own tribe.. surely they don’t want outsiders trespassing on their land? The moment I stepped foot in this town, all questions were put aside.


Here’s Why You Should Visit The Colourful Town Known As Christiania…



The area used to be an old abandoned military base until a group of hippies occupied the land in 1971. They created their own set of rules which is completely independent of the Danish government. Christiania is also known for its green light district which is actually illegal in Denmark. This has been a continuous problem with the government and the town itself which ends up in riots with the police. In 2012, Freetown Christiania was founded and since then it has become a popular tourist destination.











How would you picture your own ideal town? This place could be the best example.
A graffiti paradise, but it lightens up the dullness of what the place used to be. The food they serve in cafes are mostly organic so they hardly use any processed products. If you walk around you can see most of the people who live here grow their own vegetables. Also you wouldn’t believe me if I said all the houses are manmade from scratch. Wood, metal, bricks you name it. The people are not amateurs when it comes to DIY. The more you explore the town, the more you understand that the people who live in Christiania are just ordinary like us. We just find it unique because it’s a different lifestyle from what were used to.



WALK – You can walk from Nyhavn and cross the bridge. Follow the map as it sometimes hard to find.
TRAIN – The best station to get off is Christianshavn Station. From here you can walk.

When in doubt, follow the crowd. That’s what we did.



DO – Go in the day. You’ll appreciate the handmade houses and colourful buildings when it’s brighter.
DO – Check out the art galleries.
DO – Eat at the cafes. Everything is organic and fresh.
DO – Have Fun. This is one of their rules.

DON’T – Run. It causes panic.
DON’T – Take photos in or near Pusher Street as buying and selling hash is still illegal. Even if you take a photo at someone you know or something else, there will always be someone watching so avoid photos in this area otherwise it could get messy (speaking from experience).





  1. April 29, 2018 / 10:01 am

    I am always looking for places that offer organic food but they are not easy to find, I love the colors and art expressions in this place.

    • Sarah
      May 20, 2018 / 11:53 am

      Yes I agree Angela, especially if you do find organic it’ll be much more pricey to buy them. I guess that’s why its is called freetown, if you live there you practically colour the whole town. It’s a lovely way to express as you said.

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