Two Days In Copenhagen [Mar 2018]

Two Days In Copenhagen [Mar 2018]

The Danish capital has been voted the happiest place in the world. Known for its instagrammable streets, shopping districts and Michelin star restaurants.. It’s a perfect getaway for anyone who loves to dine and enjoy some retail therapy. The city goes way back when it was first known as a fishing village and then years later it was ruled by the Danish empire, which is now homed to many historical landmarks and relics. My favourite part? Most of the top attractions are a walking distance. Perfect for anyone who enjoys exploring by foot.

Follow my footsteps and maybe you can plan a similar adventure…


Day 1 – 31st March

Morning – We arrived at our hotel Wakeup Copenhagen last night, so waking up gave us a nice boost in the morning. Our first mission was to get breakfast at a bakery called Sankt Peders Bageri. This place is well known for their yummy Danish pastries and other baked goods. We then headed to the streets of Stroget to do a bit of window shopping then sat down for some coffee at Espresso House. They are very creative with their lattes such as; Tiramisu and Salted Caramel (which is my favourite).

Afternoon – Our next stop was the famous harbour located in Nyhavn. I wish I stayed longer, but at that time it was really cold.. so the only way to keep warm was to keep walking. We walked 30mins to visit a small place called Christiania. We stayed almost all afternoon just exploring this quirky yet artsy place and we’re still in disbelief people actually live here. You need to see it for yourself just so you can understand what I mean. 

Evening – We went all the way back to Nyhavn and stopped over for some hot chocolate and jam waffles at Vaffelbageren. From there we walked down to Amalienborg to visit the Danish royal family’s home and then went inside Frederik’s Church. Another 30mins later we arrived to our final destination The Little Mermaid. It was a bad time to see this lovely statue since it’s been recently vandalised with graffiti. As a reward for doing a lot of walking we ate Chinese in the busy streets of Stroget until we called it a night.


Sankt Peders Bageri is the oldest bakery in Copenhagen which dates back to 1652.

Strøget is one of the longest pedestrians streets in Europe. 

Nyhavn is a 17th century canal and entertainment district. Nyhavn means ‘New Habour’.

Christiania is widely known to be a hippie community who occupied an old military base in 1971. They’ve decided to set their own society rules on the land (not part of the Danish government).

The Frederik’s Church was opened to public in 1894 after being incomplete for nearly 150 years.

The Mermaid Statue was created in 1913 by artist Edvard Eriksen. Since the 1960’s it has been a popular target for different types of vandalism this includes her head being removed. This is a recent photo I’ve taken with graffiti on the rock.


Day 2 – 1st April

Morning – Our flight was in the afternoon so we took the opportunity to visit Nyhavn for some breakfast. We ate at Nyhavn 17 while enjoying the view on the waterfront (wrapped in cosy blankets). Afterwards we had a quick coffee break at Espresso House. For our last trip, we walked towards Rosenborg Castle. Unfortunately we didn’t have time to go inside so we quickly had a good look outside. At this time the flowers were still blooming. As a final treat we ate a hot dog at the stand before heading to the airport.


Nyhavn 17 is a cozy pub opened since 1936.

Danish Breakfast.

Rosenborg Castle was originally built as a summerhouse in 1606.


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  1. April 19, 2018 / 12:14 am

    I will definitely use this guide if I go to Copenghagen, I love to walk and this looks like a very pedestrian friendly city. Love the colorful pictures!

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