Two Nights In Berlin [Feb 2018]

Two Nights In Berlin [Feb 2018]

Despite Berlin’s dark history the city has worked hard to rebuild what it is now. A cultural hotspot for its art and architecture. The sky is unlimited when it comes to the city’s creativity. Cheap drinks you say? Berlin is the capital of that including the late night bars and restaurants. The city does not sleep. Deep down it has a very laidback lifestyle and personally the area was less chaotic than most of the cities I’ve visited.

Here’s what I got up to…


Day 1 – 17th Feb

Morning – We arrived at IBIS Berlin Hauptbahnhof  located conveniently next to the Berlin Hauptbahnhof railway station. We started our journey towards the Bode Museum. When we arrived we’ve stumbled across a few vintage markets just outside the museum, it reminded me so much of Portobello Road. Once we were done roaming around we decided to have lunch at the museum. It was perfectly quiet and the setting was just beautiful. Considering this was originally a birthday getaway for Liam, he didn’t know there was another surprise. His best friends arrived an hour later. It went according to plan.

Afternoon – Our next stop was the Berlin Cathedral. We arrived just in time for the choir. I do not consider myself religious but listening to them sing made me feel on edge. The whole building was a breathtaking performance. We later climbed to the very top of the cathedral to get a panoramic view of the city. Thankfully climbing these stairs didn’t require so much leg work. Try climbing St Peter Basilica or St Pauls Cathedral and you’ll see what I mean.

Evening – Hungry and cold we decided to get some Vietnamese food at Eden. Besides the delicious food the cocktails were something to remember. Singapore Sling is a new favourite to add to my (alcoholic) list. Afterwards we went to a late night cafe. We drank coffees and chatted till’ we called it a night.


This danish pastry is bigger than my hand.

The museum was originally called the Kaiser-Friedrich-Museum before it was renamed the Bode Museum in 1956.

The largest church in Berlin.

Climb the 270 stairs to experience this lovely view. Taken on top of the cathedral.

Scars from the war still remain.


Day 2 – 18th Feb

Morning – We spend most of the day doing a walking tour which was run by The Original Free Berlin Tour. The tour started at 10am and ended around 1pm.  The tour covers mostly every aspect of Berlin’s history and it’s perfect if you’re on a budget. Just tip the tour guide when the tour is finished. Depending on the weather you might get all of these done within 3 hours.

1. Holocaust Memorial
2. Charlie Checkpoint
3. Memorial of the Berlin Wall
4. Brandenburg Gate
5. Reichstag Building
6. Humboldt University
7. Gendarmenmarkt
8. Führerbunker
9. Deutsches Historisches Museum
10. And more…

If you’re into your history I would definitely book it in a heart beat. There are more tours to choose from if you go on their website.

Afternoon – After the tour finished we decided to go shopping at Mall of Berlin. After a bit of strolling we headed towards our next stop which was Reichstag Building to visit the glass dome. Just a tip – You will need to register in advance to gain access otherwise they will not let you in the building. To register online you can click here. It’s so much better at night, the way the artificial lighting reflects through the glass makes it quite futuristic looking.

Evening – We decided to spend our last day having a traditional meal and drinking beer (well my friends at least, I had my classic gluhwein). We went to a quiet German restaurant located under a railway station called Tiergartenquelle. The atmosphere was so welcoming and they played LIVE music all night. I tried Beef Goulash for the first time (just realised it’s originated from Hungary) and it felt like a perfect winter warmer dish. 


The German Historical Museum was founded in 1987. It is completely devoted to Germany’s history.

A memorial to the murdered Jews of Europe.

Charlie Checkpoint was set up in Berlin to divide West and East Germany in 1961. You can have your photo taken with the soldiers (actors).

The original dome was destroyed during WWII but was rebuilt by British architect Norman Foster in 1992 – 1999.

A traditional currywurst fast food dish (which was unfortunately not mine).


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  1. May 24, 2018 / 3:53 am

    That is what I love about European cities, that a couple of days are just enough to visit such interesting places like museums and historical places. I love how they cook potatoes in Germany!

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