Latte Art Course – Is It Worth It? [Jan 2018]

Latte Art Course – Is It Worth It? [Jan 2018]


Coffee addicts listen up. We all agree that instagramming pretty lattes will always be a trend right? Why not practice in the comfort of your own home. If you’re confident you probably can master the art on YouTube, but lets be honest.. they make it look so easy. The best way to perfect it is having a pro barista train you in person. Check out

After three jugs of milk and plenty of spills. Here’s my frustrating but fun experience on the latte art course…



Where all the magic happens.

Luckily we were the only ones in the class so it was nice to have the whole place to ourselves. Gina was our trainer for the day and taught us the baby steps of making the perfect latte. The main technique is the speed and pour.

As you can see from the pictures it looks like a super fail. It’s just one of those things you need to keep practicing until you can master it yourself. Maybe in time you can even learn to do a triple rosetta (that’s a big fat no from me).


Latte Art Rosetta.

Latte Art Heart.


What Does The Latte Art Course Cover?

The course will provide you on how to properly grind the coffee beans and how to steam the milk. This is the most important step in creating the perfect latte art. For example; the steamed milk must produce enough microfoam otherwise you will just have a flat canvas to work on.

How Long Is The Course?

What I was pleased about is that this course has no time limit. Gina will let you keep practicing until you say to her that you are confident enough to take those skills home.

How Much Is The Course and Where Can I Book It?

The course is £85 and you would need to reserve through their website. The dates are shown on their page. At the end of the course you will get a certificate through post to say you’ve participated (something to frame eh).

Is The Course Worth It?

I would definitely recommend it to all coffee enthusiasts. Even if you don’t like coffee (you won’t be tasting the coffee you make anyway) this is a real fun experience and it’s also something to wow your friends or family. Wouldn’t you love to see your morning coffee like this? Okay maybe not too extravagant, but you get the picture. If you want to start your own cafe business or training to become a professional barista this course helps you get to that target.


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