Food & Drink at Amsterdam’s Christmas Market [Dec 2017]

Food & Drink at Amsterdam’s Christmas Market [Dec 2017]

Why winter is the best season? Cosy fire place, red wine and listening to Frank Sinatra. During Christmas I hibernate most of the time. However last season was special.. I was in Amsterdam. Mostly for the Christmas Markets but now it has become more than that. Hot Chocolate Spoons, Malibu Apple Mulled Wine, Pulled Pork Cheeseburger. All these things I don’t see back in London. Here’s why I think you foodie lovers should visit Amsterdam’s Christmas Markets.

If the writing doesn’t convince you I believe the pictures will…

There are many special Christmas markets in Amsterdam, but the one I particular enjoyed the most was located at the Museum Square (where the Rijksmuseum is located). Check out Top 10 Christmas Markets in Amsterdam to know more.



A Dutch snack most commonly served with mayo-garlic or tar tar sauce. Battered chunks of fish is enough to get your mouth drooling. Due to the cod prices rising modern kibbeling is served with pollack, hake .etc. Whatever fish you get this is something not to be missed if you’re in The Netherlands.


Feast your eyes on this beauty. It has never crossed my mind that pulled pork, angus beef and cheese would go so well together. It’s like I found my holy grail. All the juice comes from the tendered meat and melted cheese.. so don’t touch that sauce, you’ll appreciate the flavour. It’s been a while I had a proper pig roast in an open fire as it brings me back childhood memories. Thanks to Grill’nSmoke for the awesome catering. They are based in Netherlands and Belgium. Come to London please?


I’m not sure what started this trend but they are clearly everywhere. I got to try it finally! We need more street food creativity. The process was quite simple. They put a whole potato in a spiralizer (which creates that cool looking spiral shape), put it in a fryer till’ crisp and then sprinkle some paprika to finish. Something that easy turned out to be so delicious.


If you visit any cafes in The Netherlands you would notice most of their hot chocolates are served with a glass of warm milk and chocolate chips. Here we have the exact same thing but the chocolate is combined with a spoon. Genius! One wasn’t enough so I got myself another (with a Bailey’s shot).  Chocolate Company sell them on their website. It’s a nice little gift if you want to treat someone.


Now we can’t have a Christmas Market without some German sausages can we? This one was particularly different. The sausages are cut in half and are either presented on toasted bread or by itself. Next you choose the sauce to give it that final flavour. Mustard all the way!


I was quite curious about malibu and mulled wine mixed together. The aroma and taste makes me think of a tropical winter. The cinnamon sticks and apple spices dilute the taste of alcohol so it’s not that heavy. It’s a nice twist to mulled wine and I’ll probably steal the recipe.


  1. January 18, 2018 / 4:24 am

    I absolutely love Kibbeling with garlic sauce. The potato twister looks so nice! Greetings Angela.

    • Sarah
      January 22, 2018 / 9:21 pm

      Hey Angela! Thanks for stopping by and commenting all the delicious-ness! Hehe. Kibbeling is seriously amazing with garlic sauce, if it was in the UK they’ll probably add chips on the side. The potato twister was my favourite one, it’s become a trend every where now. ♡

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