Cafe | Timberyard [Review]

Cafe | Timberyard [Review]

Timberyard is an independent yet traditional coffee shop in the heart of London (Soho, Seven Dials & Shoreditch).  If you’re a blogger, student or just an ordinary coffee lover this is the place to unwind and let out your creativity.

I cannot think of a better way to spend my Christmas Eve then sipping on a matcha latte while listening to the Grinch audio story playing in the background.
The first impression of my order could be summed up into one word ‘classy’. The coffee and snacks were laid out on a wooden tray which looks more presentable then the average plastic tray. It was also the first time I tried a custard cronut which is absolutely divine and the baked ham & cheese croissant added that savoury kick afterwards.

Service : 4.5/5
Food Quality
 : 4/5
Atmosphere : 4/5
Location : 5/5


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