One Night In Bath [Sep 2016]

One Night In Bath [Sep 2016]

“What do you want to do on your birthday?” was the question to me. Although being in my PJS playing video games sounded like an ideal day off for me.. I decided I wanted to go to a place which has always been on my top lists to visit in the UK. Bath.

7th Sep 2016
Liam and I arrived in the morning with a few coffees to keep us awake. We arrived at Bath Holiday Suit where we quickly dropped our bags and adventured out. We ate our lunch by Pulteney Bridge at The River Cafe. Thankfully it wasn’t that full so we took our seats while we enjoyed a light lunch.

Honey-coloured stone has been used vastly in the town’s architecture 

The public bath was build on hot springs which were said to have healing powers

We’ve managed to explore the city within hours and I can happily say I’ve ticked off quite a lot especially The Roman Baths which was one of the reasons why I wanted to visit Bath in the first place. Drinking the filtered water from the sink was a no-no for me (had a strange iron taste to it?) although the benefits from the water was passed down since it was first build by the Romans.
Evening approached so we dined at Sally Lunn’s which was apparently very popular with tourists and perhaps locals? Famous for its semi-sweet buns I understood why. They even put the buns on your main courses.. so my steak was literally served with a bun. What a way to keep the tradition.

Bath Abbey was revamped by Sir George Gilbert Scott between 1864-1874. He transformed the building in a gothic style

Homed for the famous Sally Lunn semi-sweet bun

 8th Sep 2016
We woke up nice and early for our last adventure around Bath. We had our breakfast at the Boston Tea Party and since the forecast said sunny all day we headed to the Royal Victoria Park (where we mostly chilled all morning). I really wanted to go to Prior Park but it was a long walk from where we were so sadly that was the only place I hadn’t ticked off on my list.
Since our train leaves in 3 hours and still full from breakfast we decided to have cream tea at Georgian Tearooms and a gelato at The Real Italian Ice Cream as a final treat.

There were a few things that caught my eye when I decided on visiting Bath mostly because of The Roman Baths and the beautiful Georgian-style buildings. Everything you see or touch seems like you’ve just stepped back to time. History at its pure finest.


Fun Fact – Did you know William Herschel discovered Uranus in his back garden on New King Street?


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